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QooApp is a professional platform specializing in games and otaku cultures. Our goals are to create a virtual haven for gamers and anime fans to discover and share what they love with kindred spirits without borders.

QooApp Game Store provides not only games but also an active community and informative media that evolves according to gamers’ needs. We provide over 10,000 games with a multilingual interface including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, and Japanese.

Over 5 million gamers have joined our community and discuss what they play on a monthly basis.

The Best Revenue Share

The developer will be paid 75% of the total transaction payment of each game.

Easy Integration

Get closer to global gamers in an easy way!

QooApp SDK provides multiple payment channels facilitating game and item purchases by gamers from all around the world. The integration process can be done with hours.
Unity developers can also upload games via Unity Distribution Portal(UDP) to distribute to multiple stores with a single build.

All You Need to Know

From Editor’s Choice criteria, payment details, technical support, to everything else you want to know!

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